The Trio – BESIDE Issues 10-11-12

The Trio – BESIDE Issues 10-11-12

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With this Trio, you get our 3 most recent issues (and save 25% on the total cost).

Issue 10: Our Transformations  

Issue 11: New Times

Issue 12: What kind of powers do we want? 

Issue 12 – What kinds of power do we want?

Power. It’s a word that evokes control and oppression. But power has other meanings too. It can be inspiring, supportive, and constructive. It can lift us up. All of us. Most importantly, power can be shared.

In our 12th edition, BESIDE explores the many forms that power can take, especially when it is a force for good.

Issue 11 – New Times

It often feels like time is happening to us, a fickle and unforgiving force beyond our control. But there are other ways to experience it.

In this issue, BESIDE presents stories and essays about tuning in to time’s astonishing plurality: seasons and harvests, rocks and trees, rituals and traditions. Time spent creating and connecting; time saved or gloriously wasted. Because changing the world might just begin with changing our relationship to time.

Issue 10 – Our Transformations

Change happens slowly and then all at once. The past year has exposed our vulnerabilities, but it has also solidified our commitment to a better world.

In this anniversary issue, BESIDE presents stories of committed individuals and caring communities whose actions are bearing fruit in transformation. Because good work and good ideas are always revolutionary.

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