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Le vent dans les voiles – 2nd Edition
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Le vent dans les voiles – 2nd Edition


Daydreaming of living on a sailboat? Looking to sail around and learn the ropes and knots? Look no further. BESIDE invites you on a sailing journey at LE CAMP – LE VENT DANS LES VOILES 2nd EDITION on Lake Champlain in the USA. An all-inclusive weekend where you’ll have the chance to learn about navigation skills and tools, get acquainted with types of wind and maneuvers. Depending on weather conditions, swimming and hiking will also be featured!

Simple Bed : 285 $
Room 1 : 595 $ (for 2) 
Room 2 : 595 $ (for 2)
Room 3 : 650 $ (for 2) 

Sailboat, its captain and first mate
5 meals, snacks and beverages
Souvenir pictures of the event