Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen

Documenting your weekends at the cottage on Instagram. Meditating with the help of a mobile app. Our modern lives are increasingly marked by a tension between connection and disconnection, between new technologies and nature. How can we make these necessary extremes meet? Far from fuelling polarizing discussions, Green Screen casts a curious, comical, and commonsense gaze upon this new reality—ours to embrace and to reinvent.


Douglas Coupland
Matthieu Dugal
Jonathan Durand Folco
Liz Plank
Dominic Tardif
Chelsea Vowel




Released on May 9th, 2019

Printed in Québec by l’Empreinte on Rolland Enviro Print, a 100% post-consumer paper

144 pages

5.250 x 8.250 inches

Fonts used: PX Grotesk, Messina Serif, Knockout


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