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What's the value of nature?

In Issue 03, we are tackling the fascinating conundrum of nature’s worth. We are quantifying the work that nature does for us. We are looking at the real value of things when we take the loss of biodiversity into account. We are identifying what responsibilities come with making a living out of the wild. We are considering new outlooks on nature’s value, and the practices, business models, habitats, and lifestyles that they inspire. We are doing this with the help of our North American community of entrepreneurs, architects, philosophers, economists, farmers, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Tamo Campos • Vincent Colliard • Chrissy Durcak • Caroline Gleich •
Dame Ellen MacArthur • Richard Martin • David Owen • Plant Chicago •
Jamey Stillings • Cyrus Sutton • Mark Tercek • Pierre Thibault •
Valentine Thomas • And many more
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World-renowned spearfisher Valentine Thomas shares the story behind one of her famous underwater shots and her thoughts on sustainable fishing.

Writer and photographer Michael Barrus presents a feature story on the value of the Grizzly Bear in British Columbia: a specie at the core of the province’s culture, ecosystem and economic development. He speaks with residents, native communities, hunters, conservationists and tourism entrepreneurs.

Famous Quebec architect Pierre Thibault offers his unique perspective on the aesthetic and creative value of nature, which inspires his practice. According to him, a better integration of nature in our lives is the promise of greater personal and collective happiness.

Tamo Campos, David Suzuki’s grandson, explains how his professional career led him to start Beyond Snowboarding, an organization raising awareness on climate change and social justice amongst snowboarders.

In our handbook section, we introduce the history of backcountry skiing, and a practical guide to help our readers plan their first backcountry adventure.

In Nova Scotia, a couple of lobster fishermen speak of the crucial importance of that resource in their lives and their region, and unveil a local debate about lobster fishing, salmon farms and protected marine areas.

We present a dossier on the new sustainable economy including: the key concepts of “circular economy” and a portrait series of North American entrepreneurs and their sustainable business models.

Sébastien Lécuyer, an Eastern Quebec renowned chef creates a 100% boreal dish for us, of which we study the value of the ingredients with the food writer and cofounder of Caribou Magazine, Geneviève Vézina-Montplaisir.

We head to Hawaii with the professional surfer and filmmaker Cyrus Sutton, to look at this paradisiac destination under a different light: food sustainability.

And much more . . .


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